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    This Property was added to our catalog on Friday 05 July, 2013.

    Villa For Sale in Raachine
    Agent Reference: [M 3020]
    Location: [Kesrwan]
    Bedrooms: [3]
    Bathrooms: [5]
    Size: [400 m2]

    Our Price:  $500,000

    -Ss floor (2 parking, technical room , water tank 10000m3 water ,cave , wc, kitchenette ) -ground floor (salon, chimney salon , dining room , main kitchen , guest wc ) -First floor ( master bedroom , master wc, 2 bedrooms , 1 wc , living ) -Roof top (kitchenette , wc , open Jacuzzi , pergola ) General specifications : -400 sqm every block -exterior gladding , natural stone and wood -central heater (chauffage) wood chimney -interior doors are made of oak wood -gypsum board ceiling -kitchens cabinets are made of natural oak -flooring for salon: ceramic 90*90 (pleine masse) -flooring for bedrooms: parquet (wood) -exterior glass: double glass securite Location : Attitude :1000 m Area: Raachine Keserwan limit of Aachkout View : panoramic sea and mountain view
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